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Written by: Andrew | May 6th, 2015 | Banjo, Jamaican Mento | 0 comment

Andrew Roblin est un multi-instrumentiste accompli originaire du Manitoba. À 19 ans il part pour Nashville Tennessee pour y rouler sa bosse. 30 ans plus tard il aura transporté avec lui, dans les Amériques, cette affection pour la langue française et la culture du Québec. Au cours de son plus récent passage à Montréal, il désira prendre un morceau du Québec avec lui, tout en laissant une petite signature derrière lui. L’idée de jouer une pièce de Félix au Pedal Steel a germé et nous avons fait ce vidéo. Le choix de pièce visait plus à laisser un aurevoir senti qu’à faire l’étalage d’une prouesse flamboyante dont pourtant Andrew est bien capable!

Andrew Roblin is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist born in Manitoba, who moved to Nashville Tennessee at age 19. In his 30-year journey to America, he carried with him a deep fondness of the French language and of Quebec’s culture. Andrew visits Montreal, Canada on a regular basis and at the end of summer 2014 he wished to bring a piece of Quebec with him while leaving a signature behind. The decision was made with him to pick a deeply rooted song in the contemporary French culture of Quebec: Bozo by Felix Leclerc. Rather than a flamboyant performance showcasing the technique and skills of the musician, it was a more profound statement: A warmhearted farewell to Quebec, a spot on Earth which is part of the planetary home of Andrew Roblin.

Written by: Andrew | May 12th, 2012 | Banjo, Jamaican Mento | 4 Comments

Jamaican music has captivated me since I was about six years old, when I sat on the patio of my family’s home in Ocho Rios playing bongos and singing “Carry Me Ackee Go A Linstead Market” for my parents and their guests.

Since then I’ve honed my skills and played from Negril to Port Antonio with old timers such as Stanley Beckford and former Jolly Boys lead singer Alan Swymmer. The banjo is the heart of mento music, and I’ve put my own heart into it on my new CD, “I Love Mento”

I hope my mento music–Jamaican folk music–will touch your heart and carry your spirit to my Jamaican home. It’s not the Jamaica you may have seen on TV as a beautiful beach. But it’s the whole Jamaica, a country with a culture and vitality like no other place on Earth. And beautiful beaches too.

If you haven’t signed up yet for your free download click here. Enjoy. And let me know what you think.

Thanks for listening.

Andrew Roblin

anndre_right_imgAndrew Roblin plays the banjo, guitar, jaw harp, hammered dulcimer and he sings! Known for great family entertainment he performs at museums, arts centers, colleges/schools, parks